If and lookup between lists and modules


Hello guys, 

could some kind soul help me with this ? 

i have two modules: 

- module 1 : line item "account" list formated, list name is "group account" , line item "partner" list formated and list name is "partner"

- module 2 : line items are :  - account the same as in module 1 but text formated

                                             - group : list formated, list name is "transaction account"

                                             - non group : list formated, list name is also "transaction account"

Now, what im trying to achieve is this : if the user select an account and a partner then lookup in module 2.group and show the line item corresponding; if the user only select account and partner is left empty then lookup in module 2.non group and fetch the non group item corresponding.

Hope that makes sense 

Thanks 🙂



Best Answer

  • himanshu.badhai

    The logic would be something like this -


    IF ISBLANK(mod1.partner) THEN mod2.non-group[lookup: ] ELSE mod2.group[lookup: ]


    You'd also need an IF condition for case when both account and partner are blank.


    Note: In-order to do a look-up, your module-2 needs to have the lookup lists as dimension


  • @pdekas 


    In order to help, can you please let us know what modules 1 and 2 are dimensionalized by, as in what is the Applies To?

  • Hi ROB,
    - module 1 is dimensioned by a numbered list called "Openings" and it has "company" as parent hierachy ( "company" is also a list line item in module 1).
    - Module 2 is dimensioned
    by a numbered list called "all group accounts", note that the list for the line item "account" in module 1 : "group account" is a subset of "all group account".
    hope i was clear enough