SUM weeks into Months


Hi All, 

I am receiving a very unexpected error when trying to SUM Anaplan weeks into Anaplan Months.

The reason we are doing this is because the clients has an unusual calendar that we are not able to replicate in native settings.

Therefore, we created a mapping to map weeks into the month but I am receiving the following error;



I thought it could be because we are using a custom timeframe but I receive the same error even when I update my time systems line item to the custom time frame.


Very odd!


Hope there is an easy explanation. 

Best Answer

  • MarkWarren

    Hi I see what you're doing now, apologies, it needs the custom mapping. This is a bug, a know issue in fact.
    I'm having a look at it. Maybe there is a way to do the same with a TIMESUM or a POST.
    either that or fake timescales, which is not a great way to go...
    Sorry, haven't got a great answer for you @ChrisAHeathcote 


  • Can you show the formulas involved?
    I should think you would need to sum on a custom time list, then use a mapping to lookup that value into the real timescale. But fake weeks to real months...

  • @MarkWarren 

    Thanks for getting back to me. 

    This is all in Anaplan time.

    Source module;



    Mapping Module;


    Target Module;


    In my head it should be a straightforward SUM from source to target via a time systems module.

    But no!

  • You should just directly reference the source, in fact you are already doing that for System Sales.
    I must be missing something, what do you need in the target?

  • @MarkWarren 

    The clients calendar does not follow a standard roll up and can not be created from the standard calendar settings.

    The mapping shows that some weeks fall into different months to the calendar settings therefore I am not able to simply reference the weekly module from the target. 

    I need to map weeks into months using a custom mapping.

    The solution I am using is to convert the real weeks used to make the calculation then convert to fake weeks before mapping into real months. 

    This will work but is not a very elegant solution to what I think should be a straightforward SUM.

    Do you know why SUM can not be used with TIME like this? Is there an alternative to the above option? Could I use TIMESUM even though the target is using a time dimension?

  • @ChrisAHeathcote 


    I think there is an easy solution to this, now that you have given Mark the solution.  HA...


    In your last picture, change the Time Scale format to Week, but keep the overall Time Scale for the module at Month.


    Added some pictures for your viewing pleasure:










    Let me know how it goes and if this gets you home.