Any straight way to know the start month number as per Current FY?

Hi Friends, is there any formula / straight way to know the month number of the Current Fiscal Year? e.g. if the CURRENT FISCAL YEAR in Time Setting is as below


Then Apr'2021 is first month of FY22. How to calculate like below?

TIME SCALE --> Apr  May  Jun  Jul ...... Mar

LINE ITEM -->     1       2       3      4  ...... 12


Please suggest!

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  • TristanS
    Answer ✓

    Create a time module with line items and formula as per belowchilled0ut_0-1634498739932.png


    It should result in the following: (I've hidden some months so you can see the results across years)




  • @CommunityMember126793 

    Try this

    Step 1) Create a Time Calculation module as below


    write the formulas as written above.


    Step 2) Create the data module with time as a dimension as shown below


    Your result should look like below