New UX - Publish Refresh Button (Alternative Approach)


Hi all,

If Anyone is looking to create Refresh button on NEW UX desperately rather than using Refresh icon located besides to Page title.

Then you can check out this Approach,

I have tried an alternative approach to create Refresh button on New UX based on new feature enabled on Action Card.

Step 1: Create a Module with single line item (in my example Dummy Module, Refresh? Boolean Format line item)


Step 2: In App Screen, Add Action Card > Edit > Actions > Create > Data Write


Step 3: Configure Data Write Designer by clicking on it, based on its functionality.


Step 4: Save the card and publish on Screen.

In the below Screenshot, I am trying to filter Records based on static filter Assign. So whenever user choose Assign from drop down then user should click on Refresh button to apply filter. 

Screenshot attached below, Before clicking Refresh Button

SS04 Before Refreshing.png

Screenshot attached below, After clicking Refresh Button

SS05 After Refreshing.png

So in this Approach, End user should have write permission for that Dummy Module to perform Refresh Activity. we are making use of existing feature in App Card to fulfill our requirement of Adding Refresh Button on NEW UX.

I hope this help to some extent until Anaplan enables the feature to publish refresh button on New UX (Feature similar to classic Dashboards existing)

Vinay Kumar

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