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Hi guys, 

could someone tell me how i can possibly do this in anaplan? 

i have a module dimensioned by a list, a list of compagnies(A,B,C). this module is published in the new ux as a worksheet and im using a form to fill it in. whenever a new item is added trough the form, there is a line created with a code  that rolls up to his parent: for example : CLO_2021_CompagnieA. Now, i have a certain type of line for opening with a code looking like :CLO_2021_Opening_CompagnieA.  i would like to know how i can make all  these "opening" line the last row of each parents based on the code maybe? To put it simplys, is there a way to say if this item has "opening" in his code then it should be the last row for each company .

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SUM line

At last, do you think that with some witchcraft i could add a total line horizontally at the end of the listing? 



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