using lines sum in another formula


hi guys, 

i would like to know how i can do this in anaplan ( image). 



i have a module dimensionned by one list. the module is published in the new ux as a worksheet filled by the end users using a form to create a product line. some user will create an "others product" line. what i need to do is to create a line for each family of the list named "products sum" that will have this formula. 


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  • @pdekas 

    I think the only way you can achieve this is to use line items in combination with the parent of your product list.

    This is because it is not a simple sum so you can not use a parent. 

    When it comes to mapping this forward in any process create a line item subset and map this to your product list. 

    Then you can utilise the product list in downstream calculations and map these inputs using the line item subset mapping. 

  • @ChrisAHeathcote and @pdekas

    You can also create a translation module that goes from one list to another, where if the lists match each other, they go to the particular product then goes to that product, if it doesn't then result the "other" product. Then create your output module with the hierarchy that you want.





  • Hello, thanks for your input. I could have done that if i had a fixed list to begin with, but the list grows each time the user enter a new value through the form. but each new row starts with the same characters... i dont know if this is still usable.