Ratio of each accounts product sales by country's previous year actual sales by Prod Family



This question is related to user story 1.3 and 1.4
We want revenue for each account by product. Further we want to take its ratio against country’s previous years actual sales revenue by product family.

Are we looking at a module with dimensions of Country, Product Family , Account & Time (Quarter) to calculate the % contribution of each account to further calculate sales target by account?


  • I would imagine they are asking you to create a module with line items of:

    PY Revenue

    With the dimensionality of:


    Time (Qtr)

    Then again, I haven't seen the L1 exam for over a year. I would read through it, and be sure to write down exactly what your goal is from the user story. Part of what your role is will be to understand what is being asked and ensure you have all of the pieces to meet the 'solved' state.

  • Thank you and apologies for late response. I was able to thing through the problem and get the solution. Appreciate your support here.