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How do I show or hide different line items in a filter using line item subsets?
To do this, we want to use the ITEM function to retrieve items from the line item subset list.

What can I do to help?

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  • MarkWarren

    Yes that can be achieved by nesting List A and List B on rows and using a boolean filter that lookups a mapping of B to A.
    I put an example together to show you better what I mean:
    with this mapping module:
    Is that close to what you need?


  • If you have a line item dimensioned by a line item subset you would apply a filter to hide any values from the  subset you didn't want to display. Or you just take those line items out of the subset or create another line item subset with only the line items needed for that module.
    What is it you are trying to achieve, perhaps we can understand more to be able to find the right solution?

  • Thank for your reply!
    We use two lists.
    One is a list with a hierarchy (A) and the other is a list created with a line item subset (B).
    What we want to do :
    I want to show/hide the items displayed in list B depending on the parent hierarchy of list A.
    Can i do it?
    My English is good enough to communicate with you.
  • Thank you! I understand!
    Just one question, what formula is in the 'Item' in the picture above?

  • Use ITEM('reference the list in general lists') to return the relevant list item contained within the list referenced. The list referenced must be a dimension of the line item.
  • Thank you so much!
    I can do it!!