hide values in cell based on bolean check

hello guys, 

i have this module dimensionned by a list. The list is made from differents families and the row axis is made of many lines item and whenever an element is added by the user it insert itself on top of the its parent(family). so the parent is the total line of his elements,  what i want to do is to be able to only show for certain rows the total per family and not the number of its elements. What im trying to do is something like below for the cash line item maybe based on a bolean line item or something. 

                       Amount     cash 

    element 1    10

    element 2     25

    element 3     35

family 1           70             70

family 2          

    element 1   15

family 3           15           15





  • Hi,


    for this you will want to use the read/write drivers, here is a link to Dynamic Cell Access on Anapedia which will give an overview of how this works:



  • @pdekas 

    I would recommend having a module dimensioned by the Family level of the hierarchy. In that module you can have a boolean line item for the Family items that you do not want to show any detail for.


    In the module that contains the Elements which roll up to Family, you can have another boolean line item where you can use it as a filter.


    Step 1: Module by Family with boolean selection for items that you only want to show total level.



    Step 2: Apply that at the Element level. You could set a filter on the last line item



  • hi,
    thanks for your reply, the problem is i dont have a fixed list of elements, the elements rows are added trough a form by the end user. but they all starts with the same characters. I dont know how i can make your solution work in this case.
  • hi, thanks for your reply.
    i tried this solution but the issue is, it also hides the family output and not just the elements's.