Sequential projects with historical data


Hi all,


First time posting to Anaplan community,

I'm hoping this is a task that can be automated by Anaplan, just another one of those time-saving features that would be perfect to be built into a model!


I'm struggling to create individual project numbers for both Anaplan data and historical non-Anaplan based data.

The projects are stored in a numbered list, and they are given a 4 digit number and code. This is always in the format of CER-XXXX.

If it is possible, Ideally the CER number would be stored as a list property and could be automatically applied to any project that meets an approved subset. 

I'm hoping there is a way that once old data is imported into the new model. Anaplan itself would automatically assign a new and unused CER number that follows on in the sequence.






Best Answer

  • MarkWarren

    Yes, just add it on to the CUMULATE, using a system module to hold the constant as a single cell.
    number = CUMULATE(1, FALSE, '21K_a') + SYS.Start Number


  • How are you currently creating the code?
    You're using a numbered list, so you can make a module dimensioned by that list and use a line item in that module to create the display name. Typically it might be part of the import data, but you could construct it.
    For example, you could use:
    number = CUMULATE(1, FALSE, list)
    to create a number sequence in one line item and 
    code = "CER-" & RIGHT(TEXT(10000 + number), 4)
    Then use the code for the display name...

  • Hi Mark,


    The code is currently just created by simply looking for the last code and just +1.


    So this code would be perfect, it's just the historical data that means roughly CER's 1-3700 or so won't be imported into Anaplan.


    Is there a way to "bump" this up by the existing number?