Breaking apart SUM/LOOKUP


Hello all,


My team is working on breaking apart a particularly complicated SUM/LOOKUP formula that was built 4 years ago. Looking for guidance anyone may have out there. Here's what the scenario is:

- 5 SUMs & 2 LOOKUPs in same formula

- 2 of the 5 SUMs & the 2 LOOKUPs are traditional SUM/LOOKUP combos (so the dimensions are not in the source or target modules)

- Time is one of the dimensions SUMming on 


Looking to break apart as much as possible in order to attain largest performance gain. We have hyper model, space should not be an issue. 


Many thanks in advance!


  • @aferguson 


    Great question...Try to create a CALC module that is doing all of the sums which includes the list you are doing the lookup on.  Also, remember to turn the Summary off because it is very likely not needed and this will keep the size of the line item down.  Lastly, you still need to be mindful of the line item size.  Just because you have a HyperModel doesn't mean the line item cell limit has increased as it is still roughly 2.1 billion cells (2^31 -1) at the most detailed block of data.