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Hi Team,


I am having trouble in Calendar Setup, I need a 4-5-4 Setup and my Current Fiscal Year is (FY21 :26 Sep 2020 - 24 Sep 2021).

This Setup works fine for FY21 & FY23 as it's 52 Weeks but for FY22 as its a 53 Weeks calendar,

Q4 of FY22 is 4-5-5 instead of 4-5-4 as regular setup, Is there a way to account for this.

attached screenshot below for model setup currently.




  • Good to raise to Anaplan support.


    Anaplan Support <>

  • @MadhabikaM 

    That is the default behavior of Anaplan when you are setting up a Weekly Timescale (4,4,5 ; 4,5,4 ; 5,4,4). You will have to provide the inputs for 53rd week as an when it happens in any Business calendar. As of now there is no way to keep that option Blank or set it as 0, so I don't think there is any way you can ignore 53rd week in Time Settings. The Best you can do is ignore those numbers which fall on 53rd Week or offset those numbers. But if it is about the Week & Year positioning then I doubt it can be done.





  • @MadhabikaM 

    How are you hoping to deal with the 53rd week?

    Without allocating this into a period your calendar start date is going to drift forward as the years progress. 

    An alternative to using Model Calendar is to create a list. 

    This will give you complete freedom to set the calendar up as required.

    However, this will add complexity to you model as it will not be so simple to take advantage of time specific functions. 

  • I want by Q4 of FY22 to follow 4-5-4 calendar, i,e 26 Aug FY22 to be Month end date and 27 Aug FY22 date onwards should fall under month Sept FY22.
    I have a line item date format and second line item that derives forecast month from date assigned.
    So any date till 26 Aug derives a month as Aug 22 which is fine but as FY22 is 53 weeks calendar any date which is 27 AugFY22 through 2 Sept FY22 derives forecast month as Aug 22 which I expect to be Sept 22.

    Attaching a screenshot if that helps.