8.6.4 Activity of level 1 : The output numbers are different than the correct solution.




Could possibly someone help me to solve this problem? The output numbers (1'st Pic) are different than the correct  solution.

00 1.Pic_8.6.4.JPG


In 2'nd Pic you can see the correct numbers, which must seen at the end of the activity.

01 2.Pic_8.6.4.JPG


My set up is shown below.

02 3. pic_8.6.4.JPG


Thank in advance!


  • @aykcos 


    You are NOT comparing alikes. Your SS shows Nutzo bar and the second one shows Chocolates. 






  • Thanks for quick reply.


    I forgot to mention that "Chocolate" is parent of "Nutzo Bar" and other chocolate types. When I select "Chocolate" as a page, the output numbers are getting so much higher.


    03 4.Pic.JPG

    If you help me solve it I appricate that.


  • @aykcos 


    Check the Volumes and Unit Prices in respective modules. I think these numbers are not right



  • I am having the same issue as above. How do I check those?