Sync Multiple Production Models at Once Using ALM API

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With the release of the new ALM APIs recently, I thought it would be useful to see a real-life use-case of how they can be leveraged. Oftentimes customers will have a single development model tied to multiple production models and when changes need to be pushed, the model builder must go into each production model to do individual sync of changes from dev to prod. With the ALM APIs, we can do this programmatically now.


For this demo, I've used a software called Retool, which allows me to quickly put a UI on my API requests, but any tool w/Restful API connector or even a simple script could accomplish the same thing.



If there is appetite I'm happy to put together a more comprehensive "how-to". In the meantime below is the documentation for the endpoints I used in the video.


Generic Anaplan API 2.0:

Anaplan ALM API:


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Contributing author Joey Morisette.


  • This is awesome.

    I was planning to try retool myself, or unqork, so this inspires me further.