Need some help with formula



I am Sylvain. I work in a french confectionnery. Not the unicorn candy company 🙂


I am building a cash flow monitoring and I have to import the bank book in a data module :

Only one line item is list formated : "compte" 

Other are text, number or date

Sans titre.png

And the trouble is about the date. i have to take the data from the row "'dat.point".

But i only have the date on 1line by accounting entry (row "piece")

How can i complete the empty cell with the date? The date is always on the last line, like on the screenshot.


i was thinking about making a list with "Piece" but it's maybe overkill

or maybe using ISFIRSTOCCURRENCE ?

thx a lot!



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  • @Szarek 


    I think creating a list and storing dates against list items should be the way to go. And then use LOOKUP to retrieve the dates into the module



  • Hi @Szarek ,


    I am assuming that you have stored data in a flat list.

    Step 1: Create the piece list 

    Step 2: Create another system module to store the data by piece via action, you can apply filter line item as a filter in your view.

    Step 3. write a formula to lookup the value from sys module to the main module via lookup.







    Hope this helps