Get Monthly Data from Yearly Module


I am quiet new to anaplan and I just got stumbled into this problem.

So I have 1 Module which has dimension of Malls(list) and year(list) and line item Revenue.

Then from that module I wish to show how many Revenue per Mall per month(the amount should be Revenue / 12). So I create Module 2, which contain mapping of what year(list) is what FY.

I also create Module 3, which has dimension of Malls and time period month also line item Revenue. This shall be the result module.
However, I cannot get the data from module 1 shown in the module 3 yet.

How can I link Module 1 to Module 3 with these modules?

Thanks a lot

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  • StevenBeerthuizen

    Can you explain a bit more what you try to do in Module 2? Because i think that one should be with months in the dimension and a line item showing the year the months apply to. Then you can lookup to module 1 via the lookup module 2 and divide the result by 12.

  • deantari
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    You were right.
    Module 2 generally should be a mapping from Year(list) to Months.
    I was trying to map it Year(list) - Year but ends up confused because the end result I want is still in Month time.

    So I mapped the Month - Year(list) and it actually solved the problem.


    something like this.

    Again, thank you very much.




  • Hi,

    Sure! Module 2 shown like this. 


    Since Module 3 has Month FY as time dimension on it, I think I might need a mapping to know which year is which. Is this unnecessary?


  • Make this more efficient by mapping your year list to year time then map month time to year list. That way you will only have to mao years and the months will fall in line automatically. 

    Map year time as a dimension to your year list.

    Then use YEARVALUE to map a year list set as a line item in a month time mapping module.