Help with formula - select both recently item what a list.




Please could you help suggest how I can identify in an additional column what the both recently (bottom of the list) retention figure is? Most recently figure is the one highlighted below. This figure is pulled through to another dashboard but its currently provide the total sum.







SUM is being pulled through to here, how can i just return latest retention input? 






  • If you can flag the latest retention period in the source module, you will should be able to use LOOKUP and only bring this value in the target module instead of the SUM
  • Hi,
    I see your summary module has only two dimensions of the three in your first image. What you can try doing is convert the number to text in another line and set the summary to Lastnonblank. Then if you directly refer the line item in the final summary module, you’d get the last text formatted value basis the two common dimensions. Convert it to number using VALUE function.

    I did not try it but I think it should work. Let me know 🙂