Level 1 Model Building Exam – Model Building Activity 5 - 2 error messages


Hi Anaplan community,

Whilst updating line items: Bonus, Car Costs, Phone Costs, Medical Costs I’m getting 2 types of error message:

First error message: Data type mismatch: format other than LIST or DATE being referenced as a relation. I've spent close to 4 hours browsing Anaplan community, hoever I still haven't managed to pinpoint the exact error and how to fix it. I understand that Role should be formated as Line item but Anaplan doesn't let me (Error message 2 - please see below). Appreciate if somebody can zero in on the error and guide me how to fix it. EMP02, EMP03 and SYS08 screenshots are below.



EMP02 Employee Expenses



EMP03 Employee Drivers by Role



SYS08 Employee Details – tried changing Role format to List – E3 Roles – error messages received: Format of mapping used for lookup doesn't match any dimension of the source


@JaredDolich- I've noticed you provided multiple good answers so crossing my fingers you can assist me as well.
Many thanks.




  • @Tom1407 

    Oh, so close! Check your Role Line Item in your system module. The format is TEXT. You cannot use a LOOKUP or SUM function on a TEXT formatted line item. To use these functions you must use a LIST formatted line item. So Role should be List formatted as the new list you created! Try that.

  • @JaredDolich- thanks. I tried changing to list. Anaplan doesn't let me. I get 2nd error message then which is --> Format of mapping used for lookup doesn't match any dimension of the source.

    I'm happy to reload Roles or Employee Detalis by Role to SYS08. I'm just not sure what is triggering the 2nd error message.

  • @Tom1407 

    You just need to delete the formula that is currently using the ROLE line item. Anaplan won't let you make a mistake so if the change to the format causes an error it's because that line item "Role" is being used somewhere. Look at the "referenced by" column to see which it is.

  • Hi Guys.



    I've tried to make the change of the format for the Roles item line from text to List but I've had this errors messages:

    I just really don't know how to continue with the exam.