Max value in a time dimension



I'm trying to get the maximum value of the item test1 in the time range FY19-FY30 and then use that value in an operation in item2. Any idea?
In the example screenshot I attached, the maximum value of item 1 is 10 (FY30). In item2, I would like to do the operation 10*line item3.


Any suggestions to obtain the max value (10)????

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  • Another thing you can try is to do a timesum with aggregation method set to MAX. This is slightly heavier than the other methods suggested but just wanted to put it on the table. You'd need to have a current period setup in time settings for this to work. 



  • @ankit_cheeni 


    Please do not use TimeSum() in a module dimensionalized by Time as it is a major performance hit.   Take a look at this video for more information about it:


    @pabloSB A better solution that creates less calculations but gives you the same answer is to create a new module with a single line item named Total with the formula TimeSum('PV1 - Investor Returns,-99,99,MAX).  Now, a) the calculation is kicked off only once vs. the Select:time.All Time Periods was being kicked of for every month.


    Hope this helps,



  • thanks for the response, super helpful! it works perfect!



  • @rob_marshall

    thanks for the response, super helpful! it works perfect!