How to hide parent items in a child hierarchy pulldown?




How do I hide parent items in a child hierarchy pulldown?

Can i do it using dependency?


Please help me.


  • Hi @KubotaNatsuki 


    I'm not sure I understood it properly. But, from what I have understood, you can hide parent items in the dropdown once you publish it in NewUX. We can select any level of selection in UX. 



    If it is a Parent-child relation, then you won't be needing dependent dropdown. 

    Please let me know, If I've understood the que wrong. 




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  • @KubotaNatsuki 


    With level selection approach suggested by @Puneeth H P can't be setup as dependent on another Boolean or step.


    We can create a filter line item to populate true or false based on dependent step for parent items in child dimension and we can use that as a filter to filter out parents depending on Boolean or any other step.


    Hope the idea is helpful, let me know if you still need detailed solution to reproduce then will provide you snapshots of the solution.