Ranking Week Number per Month


Hi Everyone!


I have gotten a little stuck using the Rank Function and was wondering if someone would help me out.




I have a week dimensioned model.


I am trying to rank the dimensioned weeks to produce a resulting module that provides the week number within a calendar month. I would like the rank to reset every month


For example:

Week 1 of FY21 is the Week starting 03/10/2021 this would have a rank of 1

Week 6 of FY21 is the Week starting 07/11/2021 this would have a rank of 2



I have been able to dimension the module together, however when I use the rank function I just get the number 1 repeating.


Screenshot 2021-11-13 at 20.28.00.png

For reference my Rank line item is using the formula: RANK(Starting week of dimension)


I would appreciate any and all help 🙂


Have a lovely day

Best Answer

  • ChrisAHeathcote

    Create a week time settings module dimensioned only by week.

    Add a number formatted line item, call it 'Count'. Add 1 as a formula.

    Create a month time settings module. 

    Add a number formatted line item, call it number of weeks. Reference the 'Count' line item from the first module. 

    Back to the weekly module.

    Add a line item called, 'week number'. 

    Use the following formula 

    =If MONTHVALUE(MonthTimeSettings.NumberOfWeeks) <= PREVIOUS(WeekNumber)+1 THEN PREVIOUS (WeekNumber)+1 ELSE 1


    This should Count the number of weeks each month and reset each time back to 1 when the Count equals the number of weeks in that month.