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Hello fellow Anaplanners!  

I have a scenario that is captured exactly in the following Idea Exchange and I'm certain you all have or will need this in the future!!  The scenario is essentially to have a line item summary method that is a formula and is DIFFERENT than the formula of the line item.  

Add a custom formula for summary that doesn't nece... - Anaplan Community

This Idea Exchange was put out there in 2018 and is "Considered for Future Roadmap."  Let's get it ON roadmap!

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  • Definitely giving this idea a Kudo as I have had to do some gymnastics to solve this issue or just leaving summary turned off.
  • @Stacey_Gibbens 


    Absolutely! It would be great if we have Customized Formula at the Summary Levels. We have to use Ratios for selected use cases but that doesn't fit for all


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  • Hi @Stacey_Gibbens ,


    Not sure if this would work for you, but in the past, I have achieved a similar result with the following workaround:


    Use ratio as the summary, this will require 2 additional line items:

    - The first item is where you have the resulting figures that you are looking for on the level of detail that is your summary in the original line item. 

    - The second item is simply 1 as a number (doesn't have to be dimensioned)


    On the original line item where you want this different type of summary value, you simply do a ratio of Extra line item 1 / Extra line item 2. 


    This way you can have all sorts of values appearing in the summary that are not necessarily connected to the formula of the original line item. 


    A simple example: line item that sums 2 values, but on the summary level I want to see a multiplication:




  • Thanks, @Ingilavicus for the idea!  I have to admit, I was not very familiar with the Ratio option.  I think it might work to create the weighted average I'm looking for... 🙂