3.3.12 Activity: Create Product Replenishment UX Page - Conditional Formatting



For this section of Activity 3.3.12 regarding conditional formatting, I have not been able to find the rule to reflect the condition below:

  • Add conditional formatting to display Ending Inventory as red when the value is less than the Safety Stock Target value.

See below the options I see for conditional formatting, but it does not allow to select rules with values higher/lower than other line items. 


Can you help?






  • @juanacevedo 


    You will have to create a line item in a module and write a rule within that line item. Use this newly created line item in the dropdown section on UX.



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  • in case you are still looking for an answer :)

    Use "Safety Stock Exception Count" as the "Values from". Set Minimum to 0 and White color. Set Maximum to 1 and Red color.