3.3.12 Activity: Create Product Replenishment UX Page - Conditional Formatting




For this section of Activity 3.3.12 regarding conditional formatting, I have not been able to find the rule to reflect the condition below:

  • Add conditional formatting to display Ending Inventory as red when the value is less than the Safety Stock Target value.

See below the options I see for conditional formatting, but it does not allow to select rules with values higher/lower than other line items. 


Can you help?






  • @juanacevedo 


    You will have to create a line item in a module and write a rule within that line item. Use this newly created line item in the dropdown section on UX.



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  • in case you are still looking for an answer :)

    Use "Safety Stock Exception Count" as the "Values from". Set Minimum to 0 and White color. Set Maximum to 1 and Red color.

  • @DmitriT

    Can you guide me for the conditional formatting for confirmed purchase order receipt as green as well?

  • Carlos3k

    Can someone help answer the above query? I am stuck on the same thing?

  • @Carlos3k

    The Conditional Formatting always works on the basis of the Low, Mid and High range value. For the Purchase Order Receipt line item to show green you can format the line item by providing the low value as 0 and format with white color and high value as 1 and format that as green. You can skip providing anything for the mid value.

  • MPWall
    edited May 2023

    I am not saying what I did was right or wrong but I made a saved view that conformed to what was required for the UX and used conditional format on two rows:

    Hope this helps you all.