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Currently I'm trying to make it so if a end user puts in a number from a inputs model I created, then it will override whatever is there in the current month. The formula below is what I created so far but need help getting the input to override whatever was there for that current month. 



IF End User Inputs.Securitization Excess Funding Sweep = 0 THEN IF 'S01 Time Settings'.'10th of every Month?' THEN 'Excess Funding Sweep (Circular Workaround) - Copy'.'Securitization Master Acct (x5000 Closing)'[LOOKUP: 'S01 Time Settings'.Last day of Previous Month] ELSE 0 ELSE End User Inputs.Securitization Excess Funding Sweep


I was thinking of doing a LOOKUP with a Current Month LI, but my Current Month LI is a Boolean and not a List or Date, so cant use the LOOKUP. 


Thank you 

Best Answer

  • KirillKuznetsov
    You can add a line item time-period-formatted with a formula IF NOT Current Month LI THEN BLANK ELSE ITEM(TIME)
    Then you can apply LOOKUP to it.