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I'm trying to create a formula that will pick up the first day when the LI 'Y02 Accounts (Forecast)'.'Closing Balance (01)' is less than 1 million in the forecasting days. The formula below is what I created. It is not pulling in a date. 



IF 'Y02 Accounts (Forecast)'.'Closing Balance (01)' < 1100000 AND 'S01 Time Settings'.Forecast Days AND 'S01 Time Settings'.Weekdays? THEN START() ELSE BLANK


Thank you 

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  • Dikshant
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    Forecast Threshold? → 'Y02 Accounts (Forecast)'.'Closing Balance (01)' < 1100000 AND 'S01 Time Settings'.Forecast Days AND 'S01 Time Settings'.Weekdays?

    Valid Start Date → IF 'Forecast Threshold?' THEN START() ELSE BLANK

    Splitting the conditions is best in terms of auditability and performance. Rest formula looks good.