Add ability to easily step through / run until X in a Process


I would like the ability to more easily step through the actions in a given Process.


Often when trying to debug an issue with a given process, I need to step through the actions in the process to see how the data or views change mid-process. Currently, I need to search for and run each action independently in order to do this. This is very tedious and time-consuming, especially if I already know I need to get to step 15 in the process and stop there.


Ideally, this would be implemented as a pop-up for Processes in the Actions tab, with buttons to "Run" or "Run through" each action in the process.

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  • Rather than stepping through the process I would like to be able to turn steps on or off and thereby achieving the same functionality as stepping through. The advantage of the on/off for each action is I can develop an action and add it to a process but then choose when I want to make this live or not. So this on/off feature should be Production Data

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