Favourite Filter Settings to use in new Cards / Worksheets


There are some filters that sit in central modules and are used across many dashboard; like 

- User based selections for time, product groups etc.

- Centrally controlled filters for time or versions (R12, Only Current FC)

- Default filters limiting the hierarchy view (Months/Quarters/FY only, lowest level only)


When building dashboards, it always takes a few seconds to find the right module and then the right Filter. This could be optimised with "Favourite / Template Filters" that come up as a selection when creating a filter. In addition, setting such default filter settings centrally could allow to update several dashboards in one go in case business process requirements change and the change can't be implemented with just a formula change in the central module.


As a Page / Model Builder, I want to be able to save certain default filter settings and re-use them when building a new card or worksheet to reduce page building time and potentially adjust filter settings across dashboards.




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