3 months average of historical sales the year before



I need to calculate the three months average based on the historical sales data the year before.

For ex: Jan 20 Feb 20 Mar 20 - Average values should go under Jan 21.

100,0,100 - 66.7 Jan 21 value

Please could you suggest the optimal solution for the same? I have attached the screenshots for reference 






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  • riyazpasha9

    Hi @ChrisAHeathcote  ,


    I got the logic. 12-9 = 3 which gives the average for 3 months including the current period(Jan 21 value - Jan 21, Jan20, Feb20,) 


    Thank you so much, Chris



    Riyaz Pasha


  • @riyazpasha9 

    Try using MOVINGSUM setting the start period as -12, end period -9 and AVERAGE keyword. 

  • Hi @ChrisAHeathcote ,


    I think the end period instead of -9 should be -10 then values would be right I guess. The test forecast is the line item that has an end period as -9 and the test line item has -10 as end period



    Also if you could help me understand the behaviour of the end period. 


    Thank you



    Riyaz Pasha

  • @riyazpasha9 

    The start and end dates refer to the relative difference from the time period from which to calculate the aggregation.

    -12 would be 12 time periods offset and -9 9 time periods.

  • this is difficult for me

  • So the value for Jan 21 would include Jan20, Feb20 and Mar20.
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