Formula help on counting a Text LI




Need help on how to count the number of times a Text dimension LI shows up under a List LI. We have tried to use the SUM function as well as LOOKUP function, but they did not work. For Ex) We would want to know how many "Merchant Id's" are under each individual 'Legal Milestone" Below are snap shots of the two line items and modules we are trying to complete this in. 



The Formulas we have tried are below: 

Merchant ID[SUM:Legal Milestone]

Merchant ID[LOOKUP:Legal Milestone]



  • @neg177 

    System modules!

    You can create a line item in your D01 Legal Milestone module. Call it Counter =1. This is a good exception for a subsidiary view if you have other lists in this module. 



    Since you already have a module that contains the relationship between Merchant ID and Legal Milestone (D01), you can add a line item in your Legal Milestone system module Call it Merchant Count = D01 Legal Data.Counter[SUM: D01 Legal Data.Milestone]