NMX - Make it easier to enter edit mode when opening the new formula editor

Now that the New Modeling Experience (NMX) has launched the 'preview mode' functionality whilst working with a formula, users have to explicitly click the 'Edit' button to be able to edit the formula.

This idea is requesting the ability to enter edit mode more quickly with the new formula editor open in preview mode (for example, double click / keyboard shortcut / etc.)



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  • Completely agree with this.

    For model builders the preview mode is an encumbrance as now it takes two clicks to enter the formula editor where previously it only took one. As a result, I have used the new formula editor a lot less and simply edit my formulae directly within the formula bar.

    A simple solution would be to have two options of expanding the formula editor. One to edit and another to preview. Two icons/buttons instead of the one we have now.

  • When using the New UX, when you are done with a formula in the old UX the free window returns to the top bar. In the new UX it stays at the bottom and requires you to press EDIT to make changes (you can't double click into the formula space to activate it)

    I am asking for parity with the classic UX, where if the formula bar is inactive, you can activate it by double clicking into the space and or return the formula to the top of the page.

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