Ratio of what % each child makes up of parent




I am attempting to calculate the % of a parent forecast each child makes up in a given time period.  For example, a month has a 100 unit forecast in America.  Texas makes up 60 units and California makes up 40 units (both children of America in a list).  I am trying to show this: 


    Texas 60%

    California 40%

America 100%


I am having trouble avoiding the level mismatch error.  Any suggestions on formulas?

Best Answer

  • JaredDolich


    Love it. Very common question about how to calculate percent to total. Best way when dealing with the TIME dimension is to calculate the numerator and denominator separately. Follow DISCO, in particular, use system modules, try not to recalculate the PARENT in the TARGET module.  Use LOOKUP to get the parent of the product. Use SELECT when you hit the top level.