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Hi guys,


Got a question I need assistance with.


I have a number of lists that follow a hierarchical list, account level 4, 3, 2 ,1. At level 4 each account also belongs to an accounting group (online, local etc) and has a signage value of either 1 or -1.

The accounting group and signage are contained within a module called account lowest level mapping.

I am attempting to create a module consolidates my profit and loss by accounting group instead of the hierarchy that is set up.


The module uses the account group dimension and has a line item for amount. The current formula is 'Profit and Loss Module'.Month[SUM: Account Lowest Level Mapping.Account Group] which is incorrect as it does not include the signage. 

If I use 'Profit and Loss Module'.Month[SUM: Account Lowest Level Mapping.Account Group] * lowest level mapping.signage this is incorrect as it needs to multiply each account level 4 item by the signage first, and then sum by account group. 


Is this achievable through formulas alone? Or do I need another module to multiply the signage through first which I then sum by.


Any assistance would be appreciated.


  • @MatthewWilcox 

    I'm probably oversimplifying this but could you just use a System module for L4 and create a line item that holds the signing? Then you can look it up anytime you need and for any purpose. If  you need a different sign based on channel (online or local), just make a two dimensional system module.

  • Hi Jared, thanks for the reply I appreciate it.


    Im not sure I follow. Ive only completed the level 1 model builder so im still learning the ropes of Anaplan.


    Just for clarification I have a List for the different account levels 4 rolls up to 3, 3 to 2 etc. I also have a list for the different accounting groups.


    I have a module for level 4 mapping and within that module contains the signage for each level account level 4 item along with a signage for each of those items.


    I have a profit and loss module that contains the data for level 4 against month and version.


    So what I am attempting to do, is for each level 4 item in the profit and loss module, multiply it by the signage in the mapping module and then sum by account group for each month.


    Does that make sense?