L2 Conclusion - REP05 Local Currency


Is there any issue with the formula for Local Currency? - Although it's fetching the correct result, want to check if there is anything else I'm missing.





  • @SudhirY 

    Pat yourself on the back! This is absolutely perfect. Nicely handled.

  • I had the same formula but it was considered wrong in the conclusion exam


    Reporting in USD * 'FX01 Currency Conversion Rates'.Rates[LOOKUP: 'SYS03 Country Details'.Local Currency]





  • Hello Smagaldi !

    I know it is very long time , but the thing is in your formula you just need to remove 'conversion' from 'FX01 module name'.

    As the module name of FX01 is incorrect.

  • No, it didn't work either

  • did you ever solve this? I had the same formula and am currently struggling with the exam