L2 Conclusion - REP05 Local Currency



Is there any issue with the formula for Local Currency? - Although it's fetching the correct result, want to check if there is anything else I'm missing.





  • @SudhirY 

    Pat yourself on the back! This is absolutely perfect. Nicely handled.

  • I had the same formula but it was considered wrong in the conclusion exam


    Reporting in USD * 'FX01 Currency Conversion Rates'.Rates[LOOKUP: 'SYS03 Country Details'.Local Currency]





  • Hello Smagaldi !

    I know it is very long time , but the thing is in your formula you just need to remove 'conversion' from 'FX01 module name'.

    As the module name of FX01 is incorrect.

  • No, it didn't work either

  • did you ever solve this? I had the same formula and am currently struggling with the exam

  • Hello nikhilsharma12

    Thank you !

    By removing 'conversion' ,as you mentioned it, it worked for me !

    for those who are struggling in the conclusion exam here is the right formula :

    Reporting in USD * 'FX01 Currency Rates'.Rates[LOOKUP: 'SYS03 Country Details'.Local Currency]

  • Hvbarata

    Hi have been using the exact formula in the last exam I did, but it came back as wrong both times.

    Do you think this may be related to the model History that you had to upload in the previous step? Mine is uploaded but still not graded, so I'm wondering if this is the problem.

  • what is the formula for reporting in USD? I am using Collect() but my numbers are different

  • SudhirY

    Hi There,

    I'm logging in after a long time and I lost access to the Model I have built.

    sorry not able to help at the moment.

  • LHenson
    edited September 2023

    If like me you created your modules based on the naming convention in the 'currency conversion using a line item subset' lesson, then you will have the wrong module/ line item names. Check the line item names/ module names against 'activity: currency conversion' lesson.

    The module name is FX01 Currency Rates NOT FX01 Currency Conversion Rates

    The line item in FX01 is Rates NOT FX rates as in the above mentioned lesson