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As we guide users through the Home Page Layout, I would like to suggest the below order as I believe would help with easy access to Apps. Current Layout is very confusing to users new to Anaplan.


Display Order on Home Page:

Display Order on Favorites Panel:


1. Apps

1. Apps

Most used by end /business users, and model builders

2. Models

2. Models

Most used by model builders

3. Pages

3. Pages

Rarely used as native navigation within App exists, but Favoriting Pages would still be good to have



There would ideally be a way to only show the app that an end-user has access to or have them go directly to the app's welcome page if that is all they have access to. Also, most frequently accessed Pages, and Apps do not appear on the top for users, if the most recently visited/frequently visited app in on top, it would be an effective layout.


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  • Since we are continually working toward having End Users interface with Anaplan using Pages (vs. models), it seems to me that it would make more sense to have Apps default to the top of the Home Screen, then pages, and then modules vs. the current order of Modules, Apps, Pages.  Having Modules at the top of the screen seems to throw a lot of my clients off causing them to open a module vs. a page, and then getting lost.  Thanks, JZ

  • I agree - Models at the top and the many various Pages in the middle are distraction to end-users (we have an ICM use case) from the new and awesome Apps we want them to use.  I agree with the suggestion and would also like to have the ability to customize the Home page experience by User Role, e.g. display Models for Admins but not for End-Users, prioritize Apps first then Pages for End-Users and hide models from their view, only show certain Pages versus default view of most recent Pages, etc.

  • Agreed - seems like an easy win - bonus points if it could be left as-is for workspace administrators (as we're most often going into the models themselves)

  • I have clients asking me to hide the Models section because end users keep getting confused. So this would be a nice and easy improvement.

  • Agrees
    To not show users anything extra,
    ・order with Apps at the top.
    ・Administrators collectively control models and pages not to be displayed

    are required.

  • Recently, we had an incident where an end user went inside a model and accessed some modules with data related to other employees. This could have been prevented primarily by making sure the access of the that employee is restricted to only view his/her details but also if "Models" are not visible to the users who are mere an end user and should access anaplan only via pages/apps.

  • @andrewtye your insight on above is appreicated

  • The best possible solution would be to only allow "Model Builders" view models on Home Page.

  • traynham

    Is there an update on this idea from Anaplan? I heard this might be on the roadmap, here's hoping !!!!

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