7.2.1 Activity: Having A hard time


I've been having trouble understanding the concept of mapping and how certain values are supposed to be categorized together. If anyone can help me get beyond this error message that would be great. I feel like I did something structurally wrong before getting to this point. Took a few screen shots. I've been at it for hours



  • @TwyCol91 

    Sorry you've been struggling with this. Let's get you to the finish line. Looks like you can easily solve this by removing the calendar from all your system modules. System modules typically only refer to one list and the calendar is removed. By default, when you create a new module, time is included. so, you have to remember to remove it first before saving.

    To remove the calendar once your system module is built, you can do this by going to blueprint and change the time scale to Not Applicable. Change all the line items' time scale to "not applicable".  For SYS00 and SYS01 you can leave the time scale as is. You need the calendar on those two!





  • Thank you so much for helping me with this issue I had to take a mental break yesterday but I'm back on it and the problem is resolved! kudos most deserving for the pro assist Mr. Dolich thank you again !