Team Up Feasibility Calculation by Optimizer

Hi Community,


I am working on a simple team member setting model using optimizer but it keeps returning "The problem is infeasible" error.



Here is my model:

- The module consist of a Nurse List and a Doctor List. It has three line items : Team, Success, and Team Up  Constrain.








Team - It is the variable for optimizer. In optimizer, it has been set to integer Min = 0 and Max = 1

Success - It is a constant value (0 or 1). It indicates whether a specific Doctor-Nurse combination is workable or not. (0 - Not Work, 1 - Work). 

Team Constrain - It is the constrain line item for Optimizer.


Here is the setting in Optimizer





In Team Constrain, I did try the below:


a) Team * Success >= 1

b) Team * Success = 1

c) Team * Success <= 1


Both a and b returned infeasible error. c return success but the solution is all zero in Team line item.

It is appreciated if any one of you can help or point me to the right direction. 






  • Hello,


    It looks like constraint (a) and (b) are not feasible because it requires all the combinations Doc/Nurse to be true (since the "summary" of "Team Up Constrain" is "All").

    Contraint (c) returns a solution with all zeros in "Team" line item, which is correct according to the constraint definition. I think you are just missing a second constraint that says "each doctor needs to be have at least one nurse assigned".

    You can this for example :

    Screenshot 2021-12-07 at 12.19.28.png

    Screenshot 2021-12-07 at 12.20.03.png

    Screenshot 2021-12-07 at 12.20.52.png

  • Turn Success around the other way:  (1 - Not work, 0 - Work).
    Now, change the Team Up Constraint to equal zero: Team * Success = 0
    The result is that pairs of Doctors and Nurses will only be assigned if they have a Success flag = 0 (work).