LOOKUP's for the DAT02 PY Revenue to CY Module Level 3 Model Build




I have tried almost everything and have been stuck on this part of the model build or a day now. I have changed my dimensioned and tried to get them to match and still not working. I'm trying to pull in Actuals from the DAT 01 into the DAT02 and Looking up LT Account A1 inthe SYS03 Module. Please advise. 


Thank you 


Formula: 'DAT01 Historical Data'.'2019 Actual Sales'[LOOKUP:'SYS03 Account>Product Details'.'A1 Account']


Dimensions of DAT02 


Dimensions of SYS03



Best Answers

  • Vinay VaradarajM



    The error is because you are using lookup when the dimensionality of your source module and target module is same.

    You need to change the dimensionality of your DAT02 module (use the list which has valid combinations of accounts and products)

    HINT: As DAT01 is dimensioned by two lists (Acc & Prod), you will need to use lookup two times in your DAT02 formula


    Hope it helps!


  • ChrisAHeathcote


    The formatting of the line item in the SYS module is P2 Product while the dimension of the DAT module is Product Flat. 

    These must match for the LOOKUP to work.