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We have multiple versions in our model (ie Global 1, Global 2 etc). We created the module where user can pick the versions from the list that was created (please see the image below) and the list was named as  "Model Versions" . The idea is to pick two versions and to compare it.


In order to pull the data for example for Global 1 version once Global 1 is selected , we created what if statement: IF 'SYS10 :Select Model Versions Ops Statement'.'Select Version 1' = Model Versions.'Global 1' THEN 'INP01: All Inputs'.GTER Private[SELECT: VERSIONS.'Global 1'].


INP01 is the module where we are pulling data from with versions assigned to it. So overall, this works but the problem is whenever we creating new versions, we need to extend what if formula and it is becoming very lengthy. Is there away to simplify this formula? I do not think Lookup would work for this case.






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    So you can do it the way you did with a List, but another way is using a Line Item Subset (LISS).  Here is a document that explains it.




    In your case, when you add new versions, you will need to add a new member to the LISS by adding a new line item for the LISS, but that should really be about it.  And, it gets you away from using the nasty IF THEN ELSE logic as well as SELECT's which is not optimal.


    And, if you are doing this with "custom versions", you would follow the same theory in that you create the LISS and then have a mapping module to the Custom Versions and do a lookup (SYS Module would be dimensionalized by the custom versions with a line item mapping to the LISS member.



  • Thank you very much for the feedback!

    Iam pulling my data from multiple line items so I created LISS for that but I cannot have multiple LISS (including Versions LISS) when I try to do Collect function. Do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks so much!


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    Yes, I just might....Can you not create another LISS which gets the data you need for your versions and use that?

  • We have multiple line items for each metric that we showing for the data that we are trying to compare. Like revenue and expenses measures. These are calculating items from our model and we are trying to compare how each version would look like based on different assumptions. Iam not sure how to show these line items in your example without creating LISS?


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    I never said not to use a LISS, I am saying create the line items using the sums and then use those line items as your LISS.

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    Correct, incorporate the metrics within the LISS for your Global versions

  • Sorry, can you please elaborate? How would I do that and in what step?

    Thanks a lot for your help!

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    I will DM you