SYS03 Account Product Details (L3), Cant populate LI P2 Product




I have been trying to trouble shoot populating my P2 Product LI in the SYS03 Account>Product Details Module. I have the LI formatted as a List for the P2 Product List and using the formula FINDITEM('P2 Product', ID), which will bring in the ID associated with items in my P2 Product List. I do not know what I'm doing wrong to not populate the LI. Please advise. 



 My P2 List



Thank you 

Best Answer

  • s.jansenidw

    Hi Neg177,


    Try linking your FINDITEM formula to the displayname of the list instead of the ID line item. The ID line item (numbered list #) is only unique for that specific list and can't be used to link it to another list. 


    The displayname usually can be found in the properties of your list.


    Hope this helps,