L2 Sprint 3 Shipping Method Formula


Good day, 

Currently I work on a sprint 3 and stuck for a long while on a Shipping Method formula. 

I went to Anaplan Community and found out that somehow I skipping the line item "Supplied by" in a module SYS08 SKU Details.

I add lost item, run all the processes in the Action Tab and nothing happens! 


Can someone advise me what to do in this scenario?


Down below I attach some screenshot



Best Answer

  • JaredDolich


    Very close. You already have the distribution center line item, that's the first line item in your module. Supplied by is a line item that is used to indicate which "country" the chocolates are coming from. So you need a relationship between location and country. Hint: Take a look at SYS07 and consider using the LOOKUP function.