Having Trouble Populating my LI G2 Country




I do not know why my G2 Country will not display the Country names in my G2 List. Please advise 

I have trouble shooting by adding a properties to help display the names and then calling upon that in my formula and that will not work, also I tried calling upon the Code and that doesn't work either. Please advise. 



 G2 List 



Thank you 


  • @neg177 

    Close! You need to FINDITEM on a text string that corresponds to the code of the country, not the one you're using. Can you find a source that relates product and country? Perhaps you can find the code there.

  • I wanted to pull the Country's straight from the SYS02 Country LI's, but dimensionality gets in the way and I get an error. I'm not sure what text string I would use unless I created one.