Very Confused on Level 3 TAR01 Module




I'm having alot of trouble with the LOOKUP formulas for this module. I'm trying to bring in my DAT01 Actuals into the TAR01 Module by Country and it is not working. My dimensionalities are correct and all, but I think it has something to do with my G2 List. I have been trying to figure this out for 2 days now and stuck. Please help. 


Want to add G2 Country LI from SYS03 Module and it is not allowing me to. 



My G2 List I cant pull in to show in my Module either. 


Thank you 


  • @neg177 

    G2 Country LI does not work because you are trying to use FINDITEM function with Display name as an aggregate on a numbered list, I guess.

    I would recommend to use code instead on Display Name.




  • @KirillKuznetsov is correct. When using numbered lists always use the code in formulas not the numbered list. 


  • Hi, 


    Thank you for your response and that makes sense and that is what I thought as well, but when I use the formula below it still does not work. 


    Formula: CODE(ITEM('G2 Country' ))

  • Is G2 Country a dimension of the module? ITEM will only work if the line has the relevant list applied to it. 


    Otherwise, use a G2 Country list formatted line item to feed the CODE function. 

  • Hi, 


    Thank you for your response. G2 is not a Dim of the Module and I understand I should not have that as a dim of the Module. I also have tried to format the Line Item as a Text and the use CODE('G2 Country') to bring in the Code of that list but still not working. I believe it is something wrong with the G2 List, because I tested it with the P2 list and this formula worked. 

  • This is the error I get if it is a numbered list. The Module will not allow me to add the G2 List as a Dimension. 



  • Going through the same trouble. 



    Not getting it.




  • @gobavid @neg177 @PoojaGupta 

    You need two line items: Country Code, Country Item

    Country Item is a list-formatted and can be linked from A2 Account>>Product# attribute module where each account is mapped to each country. Something like that:

    A2 Account>>Product#Account (parent)Product (item)Country (Account's Parent)
    Product 1Account 1Product 1Country 1
    Product 2Account 1Product 2Country 1


    Country Code will have a formula CODE(Country Item)