L1MB Activity 5


Hi Team, 


Looking for some guidance on L1MB Activity 5. I built the following code:


IF Employed? THEN Salary * 'EMPO3 Employee Drivers By Role'.Bonus %[LOOKUP: 'SYSO8 Employee Details'.Department, LOOKUP: 'SYSO8 Employee Details'.Role] ELSE 0


But get the following error message: 

"Automatic sum of 'EMPO3 Employee Drivers By Role'.Bonus % over E3 Role hierarchy is not possible as E3 Role does not have a built-in top level."


Does this have to do with my general list Top Level and Parent Hierarchy? Attaching image. 


I appreciate the guidance in advance.



  • @ahenry 

    The formula is trying g to find the sum of all roles as there is no valid mapping.

    Check the role line item in the systems module to make sure it is list formatted. I suspect its formatted as Text.