Error - Array index out of bounds



I have a OUTPUT module that has 10 line items - I made a LISS out them and created a SYSTEM module with the LISS as a dimension in order to map the LISS to a list. 


I then go back to the the OUTPUT module and reference a CALC module for a number, and do a LOOKUP on the SYSTEM module. This works for all line items except for 1, which is strange since the line item producing this error message has the exact same formula and logic like the other line items.


I get error saying: Array index out of bounds.


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Best Answer

  • I resolved on my own, problem was that the reference in the formula was to a subset and not an entire list, and since I tried to get a value from a list item not part of the subset.


  • @johan.marketoft 

    It's hard to guess what is wrong without the details.

    But I will try:

    Is this element a summary of the rest? This may case some issues. If yes, hten you have to go to the module where original line item is located and disable the "Is Summary" checkbox.


    Anyway, more info could help. Could you please provide screenshots and maybe blueprints of the affected modules?