Employees in 2 Departments


Hi everyone,


I am trying to solve an issue we currently have. We have multiple departments within our company, and we are implementing a new department, Department X. There are multiple employees who are in departments other than Department X but will be helping, and we wanted to allocate part of their salary to that department (for example we have an HR department, but wanted to allocated part of our HR Leader's salary to Department X for the past month).


If we have a P&L that rolls into a total company P&L, is there a way to have certain employees be part of both departments? It currently seems as if they can only be allocated to their parent department. Ideally we would like to be able to see the HR Department P&L and only 50% of our HR Leader's salary be allocated there for the past month, but if we were to select Department X we would see the other 50%.


Thanks in advance for the help!


  • @CamdenMaggos 

    Create a phasing module dimensioned by employee and department. 

    Allocate the % slip across employees and department and use this to adjust your final costs. 

  • @ChrisAHeathcote 


    What we have done is created a module with 4 line items:



    Salary - Department X Allocation

    Total Salary

     L3 Dept 


    This the salaries are being calculated from the salary data and input drivers for the allocation. I also cannot make a module with the dimensions of both employee and department, as the department is the parent of each employee. (Department is L3 Dept, and employee is L4 Employee).


    Could you elaborate on what you mean by a phasing module/do we need to rethink how we currently have this structured?