L3 Percentage calculation Not Matching



L3 Sprint 1 - User Story 5

My Percentage is not matching



This is my Ratio. Let me know where I'm going wrong.

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  • Kanishq17
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    hi @Dikshant 

    I believe your formula of 


    PY sales by country and prod family is wrong , since you are referring to forecast data , the value should be actual PY sales by country and prod family i,e PY


    i have referred PY sales numbers


    then this ratio aggregated by country and prod family should be 1 since basically ratio is of account sale by country and prod family associated with that account 

    hope this helps


  • @Dikshant 

    Not sure I see the calculation breakdown but you do have a lot of subsidiary views that could be the cause. Generally we only use subsidiary views when we need them for filtering (exports and reports). For planning, it's usually better to rely on system modules that carry the mapping. In this way we calculate the value once and refer to it often from one place. This also avoids issues with synchronizing calculations since the calculation is only coming from one place.

    Chapter 2 - Anaplan Community (2.01-06) Avoid Subsidiary Views.

  • @JaredDolich
    Those subsidiary views are referring to system modules only. Just making Time Scale to None as it was an unnecessary dimension.
    Do you think of any other reason for those percentages to be correct as per the Level 2 Requirements?
  • Thank you for your response. Yes, I do realize this and corrected it already.