Want to match a property that one data source has to another data source




I currently have two different Data Sources in my Model (D01 & D02). They both share a MID and a CID that can link the data together. I need to be able to look up my data in my D02 Module by a List named Legal Process. I'm having difficulties making this List match the data in my D02. I know I can potentially create a "mapping module" to link the data together with the List, but wanted to know if there is a way to do this in my D02 Module verses doing the mapping module. 


(Let me know what pics you would need to assist) 


Thank you 


  • m.angeles11
    edited July 2023

    Hey @neg177… do you still need help with this query? This seems a very old query so I presume you have resolved this already. If so, maybe you can click on "yes" to the question below this comment so that it doesn't remain unanswered.

    If you still need help on this, let me know and I can assist you with it. Short answer to your question is that you can always create a mapping line item in D02 module by creating a "subsidiary view" instead of creating a separate mapping module. However, this would probably not be in line with Anaplan best practices (Planual).

    There are also considerations you need to be aware of when creating subsidiary views in a module. Refer to link below.