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Hi Community , 


Can anyone help me describe how to use RANKCUMULATE function with an example , 

I understand the function syntax and all but I want to understand a use case of where this function can be used.


Thank you!


  • @Kanishq17 

    Ah yes, this is an awesome function. It's purpose is to cumulate the values that you are ranking. It's two functions in one. It first ranks your value and secondly accumulates the sales in the direction of the rank you choose. Let's say you want to rank your top stores and you want to know what % the top 10 stores make up in terms of sales. You can use Rank Cumulate. So, RANKCUMULATE(Sales, Sales) will rank the sales first, then cumulate the sales (ascendling by default). You can read more about this function here.

    RANKCUMULATE - Anaplan Technical Documentation

  • Hi @JaredDolich 


    Really helpful , 

    However can you explain with some screenshots as to how it works , so basically does the rank works first or cumulate?


  • @Kanishq17 


    It obviously has to RANK first, otherwise CUMULATE will work in an order in which the list items are arranged. So rank comes first and then it cumulates all the values corresponding to the ranks. This function is really helpful in Allocation.


    Let us know if you still need more explanation.


    Miz Logix 

  • Hi @Misbah 

    I understand , yes an example will really help , thanks a lot!