Conditional formatting


Hello. I'm stuck on the conditional formatting for the Final Forecast line. I noticed that my formula for the line item forecast cf only results in 0 no 1's, I'm not sure how to fix this as my conditional formatting will not show blue if I don't have any 1's as a result. Formula - IF Initial Demand Forecast = Final Forecast THEN 0 ELSE 1




  • @anjacksonms 


    If you don't have overrides then it will show only 0's which means there won't be any color formatting. Try Input any override and see if it works.



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  • Thank you.  I tried that but it didn't work. I'll keep playing with it though.

  • Hi@anjacksonms 

    Could you please check conditional formatting for me?

    I think you have selected the wrong color scheme (White - Blue, instead of Blue - White) or the values in these settings are incorrect.