Level 2 3.3.6 Confirmed Purchase Order Receipt shows no value???


Ekran Resmi 2022-01-09 20.17.16.pngEkran Resmi 2022-01-09 20.19.22.pngI can't get the value or in others words add the numbers in the Suggested order amount of the month. The line item always shows 0 no matter how hard I try. You can see my formula on the formula bar. Where do you think I have done wrong?


  • I think I got it. In the formula final shipment amount should be Suggested Order Amount for the Month. Thanks anyway I hope this topic would help other leaners/

  • Hi, 

    I think the formula would like this then it seems to work.

        Submit Purchase Order Request? AND Override Suggested Order Amount?
        Override Amount
        Suggested Order Amount for the Month